05 June 2019
EM launches crowdfunding campaign for SabrageApp

It was back in Summer 2016 when we first discovered for ourselves the wonderful tradition of sabrage and shared it with you all later in the year during our Christmas party. Since then much has changed – the world has become even more #digital and investors have become increasingly concerned with ESG factors. The one thing, however, that did not change is our love for champagne and sabrage, and in order to adapt it to new realities we have created SabrageApp – a full-blown simulator game for mobile phones. We are still at early stages of development and count on your support. We have launched a crowdfunding campaign through which you can help us make SabrageApp great!

To learn more about our project and back it up, please follow the link:

Tom Blackwell, CEO of EM

“Our love of champagne, sabrage and digital has come together. We have just launched our global kickstarter campaign for our new sabrage app – the world’s first ever app dedicated to the thrilling age-old practice of sabrage and we count on the support of all our friends.”