17 September 2019
EM partnered with Refinitiv for ESG Refinitiv Forum

EM was the official partner of the ESG Forum organised by Refinitiv on September 17 in Moscow. The Forum focused on the topics of sustainable development and the importance of ESG metrics for Russian companies and investors. During the first half of the Forum , representatives of leading Russian companies in terms of ESG practices presented the results of their companies’ integration of ESG principles into their business activities. The second half took the form of a panel discussion, where participants shared their experience of integrating ESG practices and their view on the future role of ESG in the investment sphere. The panel was moderated by EM CEO Tom Blackwell.

Tom Blackwell, CEO of EM, commented:

What I saw today is a community of people proactively engaged in following sustainability goals and increasing investment attractiveness of Russian business. It is a beautiful thing that we have this forum where we can learn from each other and share ideas.